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METEC 2015 Hallenplan (Halle 4): Stand B25


METEC 2015 Geländeplan: Halle 4

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Revamping solution for all kind of rolling mills

AMI GE offers its wide experience revamping drives and control systems for all kind of rolling mills: Tandem and Reversing CRM, Temper Mills, Rougher Mills, Tandem Hot Rolling Mills, Bar and Rod Mills, etc. It is able to provide:

• Complete drives and automation revamping solution.
• DigiGap. Automatic Gage Control system for Hot and Cold strop mmills.
• Down coiler electrical and automation revamping solutions.
• DigiCrop. Cropping system optimization for rod and bar mills for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation


SmartFURNACE optimization system

SmartFURNACE is a modular, open, intuitive, EAF personnel oriented flexible and friendly system designed to optimize the Electric Arc Furnace.

SmartARC module. Electric power module to supervise electrode regulator. It helps the EAF operator to improve electric energy consumption, reduce electrode consumption, protect furnace walls, etc.
• DRI/Scrap feed module. It helps to optimally run the EAF balancing energy and material input.
• Oxygen-Carbon module. It helps to reach the end of the heat with the right carbon and oxygen to minimize carbon adjustment time.
• Off-Gas module. It is an improved version of Oxygen-Carbon module using Zolo laser off-gas measurement. It helps to improve tap-to-tap time, energy consumption, electrode consumption, etc.
• Slag module. It helps to reach MgO saturation in slag. Benefits: slag foaming, arc stability, refractory protection, less FeO losses.

EAF Safety Alarms

Taking advantage of Zolo Lasser off-gas measurement system this tool is able to detect and alarm big water leakage in the EAF to prevent explosions.

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation


DigitARC PX3 electrode regulator for all kind of EAF

PX3 is the third generation of DigitARC electrode regulator, the most commonly used in North America. It integrates over 25 years of experience helping AMI GE´s customers to get the most out of their furnaces. The same system is able to operate with all kind of AC and DC EAF: 100% scrap bucket, scrap bucket plus DRI continuous feeding, 100% continuous feeding DRI or Scrap, etc.
Advanced control features:

• High speed measurement (8 milliseconds) of critical inputs: secondary current and voltage, mast position and hydraulic pressure.
• Dynamic response trough the heat.
• Improved Cave-in protection and electrode saver.
• More control modes and cascade loops.
• Automatic identification, log and track of events like cave-in, non-conductive charge, cross arc, arc disconnections, short electrode, main breakers trips and others.
• Ultra-fast diagnostics (1024 samples per cycle).

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Produktkategorie: Leittechnik und Automation


FCR, a low investment solution for your DC drives obsolescence problem

Nowadays it is quite common to face a situation where your DC motors are in good conditions but you cannot find spare parts for your drives due to obsolescence. AMI GE offers its FCR solution with the following advantages:

• Dramatic lower investment against motors and drives replacement.
• Minimum equipment shut down and installation cost.
• State of the art microprocessor based controller.
• Fully digital control and fiber optic technology for gating commands and noise immunity
• Wide open communications to interface with many PLC brands.
• Suitable for all major brands (GE, ABB, Siemens, Alstom, AEG, BBC, etc.)
• Ideal for medium to large complexity SCR (thyristors) bridges.

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AMI GE is dedicated to provide automation solutions to help its customers in getting their own goals and objectives. We are focused in capital intensive industries such as steel, cement, non-ferrous metals, mining, paper and oil & gas.

In the steel industry AMI GE has wide experience in providing automation and optimization solutions for the Electric Arc Furnaces with customers all over the world.

Also it has been part of a lot of success stories in revamping all kind of rolling mills providing reliable and economic solutions to modernize legacy DC and AC drives and providing state of the art control systems for such rolling mills.

In recent years, AMI GE has also revamped several power rectifiers for DC Electric Arc Furnaces.

Founded in 1987, AMI signed a Joint Venture agreement with GE in 2000 to create AMI GE where each partner holds 50% of the shares.

Nowadays AMI GE has offices in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Czech Republic.

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