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Keit has developed a rugged infrared spectrometer for industrial control applications. MicroFTS™ is a compact, high-light throughput, solid state Fourier transform spectrometer technology that is ideal for pyrometry and process control. Originally designed to survive a rocket launch, it can now make temperature measurements alongside a furnace or high-temperature process. Since MicroFTS collects information over a range of wavelengths, it is able to see differences in emissivity between materials, such as slags and dross. In addition to this, it can also see the effect of changing concentrations of gasses like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water which means that it can help to diagnose problems in high-temperature processes.

MicroFTS’ unique, patented design employs an innovative, static optical configuration which avoids the use of the delicate scanning mirrors found in traditional Michelson-based Fourier transform spectrometers. This makes the microFTS particularly suitable for on-line process control applications, which are prone to vibration, shock, and temperature changes. This robustness coupled with the compact size of the device, means that portable infrared spectrometer analyser systems are possible.

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