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David Troiss

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An der Schleuse 19
46446 Emmerich, Deutschland

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+49 2822 976295-30


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Executive board/managing director
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  • 05  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zum Vergießen von Stahl
  • 05.05  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

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Sheffield Hi-Tech Refractories offer an extensive range of own manufactured products, supported by four production sites, which combined with a comprehensive range of factored ceramic goods results in an ability to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements. Installation of refractory products is a significant part of the Sheffield Hi-Tech Refractories business, offering the customer a high level of service to complement the technical excellence of the refractories themselves.

SHEFFIELD HI-TECH REFRACTORIES GERMANY GmbH located at the address AN DER SCHLEUSE 19a, D-46446 EMMERICH AM RHEIN is our head quarter with the controlling functions of all our Branch offices.

Worldwide we are a team of more than 400 people, with more than 100 years of experience in Refractory Products. Our main products are ISOSTATIC, Monolithic, calibrate Free-fall-nozzles, pre-casted shapes as well equipment for the continuous casting process. In our team we have people, with more than 30 years of experience in Research/Development and in the Production of Refractory materials. Our focus is on customer conditions and needs, to guarantee with our products safety, performance and economy. Furthermore with all our well experienced Metallurgical and Refractory Engineers at Sheffield Hi-Tech Refractories Germany, we are able to handle each customer inquiry professionally within a short time.

Today we are partners of VOEST Donawitz (Austria), ISD Dunaferr (Hungary), HSW Hennningsdorf (Germany), Scunthorpe (UK), DmkD Dneprozershinsk (Ukraine), NLMK Lipetsk (Russia),…...

History of Sheffield Refractories:

1897: George Johnson Refractories – original established

1976: Sheffield Refractories – privately owned company

1989: ISO 9001 Certification

1997: 100 years of successful Refractory production

2010: Joint Venture discussions with Hi-Tech Refractories India.

2010: Decision to set up SHEFFIELD HI-TECH REFRACTORIES Germany for the C/E Europe Market

2011: ISO 9001 Certification of Germany

2011: Opening of Sheffield Refractories Moscow + St. Petersburg

2012: Opening of Sheffield Refractories Ukraine

2013: Opening of the ShR Ukraine Production plant

2014: to be continued

Today, the company´s Range of products include the following major items:

  • Isostatic Products

Ladle shrouds, Monoblock stoppers, Tundish Nozzles,

Tubechanger Refractory, Subentry Shrouds, Converter Taphole sleeves

  • CFN Nozzles

Calibrate Freefall Nozzles (including CFN Nozzle for CNC120,…)

  • Wellfiller

High Quality Wellfiller for Ladle and Tundish opening.

  • Ladle Slide Gate Refractories

Ladle Inner Nozzles, Plates, Collector Nozzles and Cement.

  • Ramming Material

Including high Quality of MgO Ramming Material up to 50 hours casting

  • Precasted shapes

Wellblocks, Gap Blocks, Housing Blocks, Dams + Wears, Impact Pads and Boxes.

  • FCM Tundish (Flow Control Management)

This includes Permanent lining, slurry gunning as well all Tundish built-in parts to get the flow inside the Tundish controlled.

  • Monolithic Materials

For Ladles (bottom + walls), Tundish safety lining and Blast Furnace runners.

  • Vacuum formed ceramic fibres

Sealings between Collector Nozzle and Ladle shrouds as well between Tundish Nozzle and SES.

  • Mechanic equipment

Stopper rod mechanism, hot area servo drive, mould level control, mould level master, Tundish Emergency slide gate, Tubechanger System TC12 for Slab casters, Calibrated Nozzle changer NC14,…….

  • Coke Oven Refractory

Charge hole lid sealing, Airborne sealing, Riser pipe grouting, Oven sole flooding, Dry gunning, wet spray patching,….

  • Shotcrete Repairs

Complete Shotcrete repairs of Blast Furnace stack.


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