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Purpose of equipment:
RTM frequency conversion high speed sand mixer the French FONDARC in the 1990s successfully developed and put on the market . High reliability of the equipment , sand quality , high efficiency , the use of low-cost , especially for the match with high - end automated molding line .

How it works:
RTM frequency conversion high speed sand mixer sand principle is completely different from the other rotor , chassis rotary sand mixer . The basic principle is : the planetary rotor transmission mode , according to the size of the productivity of the sand mixer , with a different number of rotor (3-4 rotor ) .

Main features:
•Because the entire sand area accessible and rotors in their region rotation, the rotor has a rotation and revolution , the entire sand dead , even mixed sand , loose , feel good ;
•Due to the shape of each rotor , can sand mixed in a full somersault .
•Bentonite and other accessories can be more evenly coated sand , not only ensure that the sand has a high-quality performance , excellent liquidity and filling , and will not be increased sand temperature
•Sand mixer efficiency can be given full play , to achieve a nominal sand rate of 80 ~ 100 ℅ ( sand level of efficiency factors of the old sand pretreatment level, sand and bentonite quality );
•can effectively reduce casting scrap losses due to fluctuations in the quality of the sand ;
•can effectively reduce the amount of added accessories , thereby reducing the cost of materials;
•Because the speed of change , so that the lower the energy consumption of equipment , lower loss , and thus greatly reduce the use of equipment and maintenance costs
•flexible and diverse forms of installation , especially excipients into the ingredients of electronic scales can be used at the top of the sand mixer ; can also use the ingredients directly into the gas sent to make accessories more quickly and evenly was admitted .

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