Krakodlew S.A.

Ujastek 1, 30969 Krakow
Telefon +48 12 37876-01
Fax +48 12 37876-99



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A foundry was established in 1966 as a department of ingot moulds of the then Lenin’s Steelworks in Krakow. Since the beginning of its activity, the company has specialized in manufacturing such casting equipment as:
- Ingot Moulds
- Hot Tops
- Bottom Plates
- Trumpets
- Slag Pots

What is more, in the second half of the 1990s the foundry extended a manufacturing profile by including production of counterweights for wheeled cranes. In 1995, on the basis of the ingot mould department, there was established a joint-stock company Krakodlew S.A.

The foundry is equipped with two medium frequency induction furnaces with the capacity equal to 5 and 25 tones and a storage for liquid pig iron with the capacity equal to 150 tones. Castings are made of grey, nodular and vermicular cast iron. The weight of castings ranges from 1 to 80 tones.

At present, the Krakodlew SA provides foundry equipment for about 50 steel plants. Our products are delivered to such countries as: Poland, Czech, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Belgium, USA. The export comes to about 95% of the total sale.

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