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METEC 2015 Hallenplan (Halle 5): Stand E12


METEC 2015 Geländeplan: Halle 5

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  • 05  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zum Vergießen von Stahl
  • 05.05  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

  • 07  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Formgebung von Stahl
  • 07.21  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

  • 08  Anlagen und Einrichtungen zur Formgebung von NE-Metallen
  • 08.09  Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

  • 13  Sonstige Ausrüstungen und Komponenten für Hütten- und Walzwerke
  • 13.03  Antriebstechnik, einschl. Fluidtechnik

Antriebstechnik, einschl. Fluidtechnik

  • 16  Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen

Beratung, Planung, Dienstleistungen

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Produktkategorie: Komponenten, Nebeneinrichtungen

Special Roller Bearings

Eich Roller Bearing is a specialist for customized solutions in rolling bearing technology, the Company is successfully established in this niche for decades. All our products are based on a broad and long experience in design and manufacturing. The dimensional range begins at 30 mm ID up to 1800mm OD. All our products, new or adapted, are under a continuous evolutionary development.
In the beginning, the focus was on spring roller bearings for the mining industry and for rolling mills. In the 1980’s, Eich began to manufacture special cylindrical roller bearings for rolling mill applications, pulleys and backing roller bearings. In the 1990’s split cylindrical roller bearings as well as split roller bearing units for medium and heavy drive sections, crankshafts or fans became part of the manufacturing range. In the past decade, based on a closed collaboration with Germanys biggest steel producer, Eich developed a special customized design the so-called SACRB bearing, self-aligning cylindrical roller bearing. These roller bearings combine the properties of maximum load capacity, angular adjustment and easy axial shifting. Along with spherical roller bearings and toroidal bearings, they are established as the standard types for guide rolls in continuous casting plants.
The newest development are customized rolling bearings for heavy-duty cardan shafts, is a result of close co-operation with a world famous German power transmission company.
Nevertheless, our genuine product i. e. spring roller and bush bearings continues to play a central part in our business.

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