AMI International SAPI de CV

Automation Technology Conference in Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

Pittsburgh, PA

Tony Klippel, and Prasann Jinturkar from Gerdau – Jackson, TN, along with Jamie Hansen, AMI Automation, will jointly present a technical paper May 07 11:00 am at AISTech 2019 Pittsburgh Room 406. Title: The IoTrode™: A complete system to monitor and optimize all aspects of graphite electrode usage in an EAF Meltshop. The presentation will discuss the installation and the initial results.

AMI Automation has created a new module to add to its successful SmartFurnace™ System of digital tools for EAF melt shops. The IoTrode™ is part of AMI Automations’ furnace optimization system for monitoring, controlling and reducing the consumption of graphite electrodes in EAF (electric arc furnace) melt shops. The IoTrode™ provides for digitization of graphite electrodes for the modern EAF Steel Producer.

Fernando Martinez – Vice President AMI Automation said: “The IoTrode™ is the first in a series of new products AMI will be introducing to assist the EAF steel producer in optimizing and controlling their process.”

AMI is a leader in the field of EAF optimization, control and service. The IoTrode™ is the latest addition to the SmartFurnace™ suite that includes the SmartARC™, and DigitARC™ products that control and reduce electrode consumption. The AMI SmartFurnace™ System improves productivity and reduces energy used per ton of steel.