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Chem-Trend (Deutschland) GmbH
Ganghoferstr. 47
82216 Maisach-Gernlinden, Deutschland

Telefon: +49 40 52955-0
Fax: +49 40 52955-2111

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High part quality at reduced production costs


In hall 11, booth D59, Chem-Trend presents its latest solutions to support die casters in improving part quality and reducing production costs.

Micro-Dose-System for plunger lubricants

Chem-Trend’s Micro-Dose-System is designed to minimise the amount of plunger lubricant applied. The combination of liquid lubricants and a special dosing system designed to apply very small quantities of the lubricant work together to provide superior plunger lubrication while reducing the propensity of entrapped lubricants in the casting. This helps minimising surface defects and reduce time and effort in post-cast finishing.

New, highly efficient corrosion protection for moulding tools

Another new development is Chem-Trend’s CP-406, a highly efficient corrosion protection for tooling in storage. The product forms a thin protection film that also adheres on vertical surfaces. The new corrosion protection is easy to handle and can be applied with a simple pump spray or with a compressed air gun. Customers report reductions of up to 20 percent in costs associated with the longevity of mould components.

Reduce the effects of microbiological contamination in water-based die lubricants

In addition, Chem-Trend will present new solutions that reduce the formation of bacteria, slime and fungus in contaminated die lubricant systems. Water-based products may allow the development of microbiological contamination, which has a negative influence on the efficiency of the lubricant and system performance. Chem-Trend offers a broad portfolio of die lubricants for various production environments to help prevent or decelerate the negative effects of contamination.

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