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130, rue Leonard Da Vinci
56850 Caudan, Frankreich

Telefon: +33 297 810-430
Fax: +33 297 765-213

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about us

SiiF is the leader in foundry finishing equipments for iron, aluminum and steel castings.

Research, development of new techniques and innovation allows SiiF to propose an extended range of machines for foundries specific needs.

SiiF is represented throughout the world and has installations running in all continents.

Engineering Industry Foundry

SiiF adds to SERF's 30 years know how in all foundry techniques all the experience in robotic finishing developed during the last years. Company designs and manufactures equipment for casting cooling after molding, for decoring, deburring, sawing, testing and pre-machining.

SiiF's activities include:

• Engineering of new projects

• Manufacturing and tuning in SiiF workshops

• Installation and run off in foundries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia

• The after-sales service and supply of spare parts

SiiF company has been certified by the French Association for Quality Assurance since January 2012.