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Bergs Engineering AB
Främbyvägen 6, Hr
79152 Falun, Sweden
P.O.BOX 5070
791 05 Falun, Sweden

Phone: +46 23 6661260
Fax: +46 23 34770


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Company Profile
About Bergs Engineering AB

Bergs Engineering AB brings tomorrow's solutions in strip process technology to leading companies in the steel and metals industry

- Always focusing on Customer Value, Operator Safety and Productivity

Bergs Engineering has been supplying special equipment and complete production lines since 1985 specializing in the metal strip, wire and spring industries.

Bergs Engineering was formed to provide customers an option to purchase machinery which is custom tailored to their needs. Bergs Engineering is mainly -as the name implies- an engineering company focusing on machine design engineering and project management. Generally we take responsibility for complete production solutions .from engineering via assembly to production, installation and service, but we also offer each of our services on a consultancy basis. Our experience in network cooperation with contract manufacturers and qualified suppliers enables us to offer cost-efficient solutions with superior technology.

We place great importance on having a close cooperation with our customers during the design stage to insure that the machinery is built exactly to the required specifications, and that the end result brings higher quality products at an increased rate of production to make sure we deliver value to our customers.


  • Strip width 2 mm - 1700 mm
  • Thickness 0,05 mm - 16 mm
  • Coil weight 30 kg - 30.000 kg
  • Steel, Aluminium & Copper < 1900 N / mm²