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voxeljet technology GmbH
Paul-Lenz-Str. 1
86316 Friedberg, Germany

Phone: +49 821 7483100
Fax: +49 821 7483111


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The high-tech company based in Augsburg, Germany, focuses on the automatic, patternless manufacture of sand casting moulds and the production of plastic components according to customer specifications. voxeljet is active in two business fields: the service sector and the manufacture of 3D printing systems.

The company runs one of the leading service centres for on-demand production of sand moulds for metal casting. In our Augsburg plant, we also manufacture plastic moulds and plastic functional models commissioned by the customer for a wide range of industries, from automotive engineering to medical technology.

Our second business area is mechanical engineering, specifically the development, manufacture and sale of industrial 3D printing systems for particle material components. In this area, we concentrate on innovative system solutions that maximise customer benefits.

voxeljet technology's ground-breaking developments in the area of generative production processes have revolutionised digital production. The company's first technological highlight was the world's largest commercial 3D printing systems for patternless manufacturing of sand casting moulds based on CAD data. Customers such as BMW AG and Daimler AG are using these systems with success. Our 3D printing systems VX500 and VX800 are also some of the most powerful machines on the market.

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Ingo Ederer, the company received the "Top 100" award in July 2010, and it is thus one of the 100 top innovators in Germany. To maintain our power of innovation in the future, we continuously invest in research and development as well as in outstanding employee training. Roughly one third of our staff has an academic background. The know-how of our young, dynamic employees guarantees future-oriented developments in the world of digital production.