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Kamag Transporttechnik GmbH & Co.KG
89079 Ulm, Germany
Postfach 26 80
89016 Ulm, Germany

Phone: +49 731 4098-0
Fax: +49 731 4098-109

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Bhushan Steel Ltd. relies on proven KAMAG transport technology – a new slag pot transporter for India
Ulm-based KAMAG Transporttechnik has supplied a new slag pot transporter to Bhushan Steel Ltd. in India. In so doing, the reliable KAMAG transport system was the preferred choice in spite of fierce competition from the Far East.

Extreme operating conditions with loads of hot slag reaching temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees: the tough working environment in steel plants presents a great challenge to workers and machines in equal measure. KAMAG transport systems have been developed in particular to meet the requirements of the metallurgy industry. They are unaffected by heat, dirt or heavy loads. These strong arguments convinced India´s third biggest steel producer, Bhushan Steel Limited, to use the proven technology from KAMAG. As a result, German quality craftsmanship from KAMAG won through against other manufacturers from the Far East.

The slag pot transporter for Bhushan Steel Ltd. is 13 metres long, 5.5 metres wide and 4.3 metres high. Weighing 86 t, the vehicle - Type 2703-100 - is suitable for carrying 18 m3 as well as 25 m3 slag pots with loads up to 100 t, and is driven by a 405 hp diesel engine. Using 2 hydraulic dumping arms which are arranged and dimensioned so that the tilting point of the pot is positioned as far away as possible from vehicle, the slag pot is picked up and, through the use of additional dumping arms, the slag pot is tilted to ensure that it is completely emptied due to dumping angles of up to 180°.

With the new generation of slag pot transporters, which will soon be in operation at Bhushan, KAMAG has re-defined the "SAFETY slag transport" issue. Safety not only for the transportation process but also for the operating personnel. Example: the entire tilting procedure is shown on a multi-functional display in the driver´s cab. As a result, the driver is kept fully up-to-date about all functional processes whether, for example, the rear support required for tilting operations has been extended or if the locking procedure for the slag pot has taken place correctly. In addition, the new industry transporter has, among other things, a closed prime mover covering, protective roof complete with border strip and an emergency operation system which functions independent of the on-board electronics.

Slag pot transporters from KAMAG are used in many foundries and steel mills around the world. They have had a decisive influence on the shaping of modern and cost-effective transportation of molten slag. As the transport of molten slag is one of the most challenging tasks in metallurgical plants, no transportation job requires as much concentration and attention from the service personnel as this. The new generation of slag pot transporter - the 2700 series - is based on over 40 years of experience which KAMAG has gained as one of the leading manufacturers of special vehicles. Other transport vehicles are available which round off the KAMAG programme for industrial logistics. Ladle transporters and industrial lift transporters in foundries and steel plants, ship section lift transporters in shipyards and modular transporters in the off-shore industry are daily features in this industry. Since the beginning of 2010, modular-designed road vehicles have been part of KAMAG Transporttechnik´s product portfolio: the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 as well as an additional platform trailer with a low overall height, the K22. Both types of vehicle are based on a common development platform within the TII Group.

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