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Automazioni Industriali Capitanio Srl
Via del Bosco 10
25076 Odolo Bs, Italy

Phone: +39 0365 826333
Fax: +39 0365 826336

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Acciaierie Venete has placed a new order with AIC for the electrical revamping of rolling mill in Sarezzo (Brescia – Italy)
Acciaierie Venete has contracted AIC to design and implement the complete electrical & automation revamping of rolling mill plant in Sarezzo (Brescia – Italy).
The agreement follows a careful survey of the rolling mill state as well as the drawing up of technical specifications and the scope of supply includes all electrical equipments suited to drive, control and secure the productive line, in particular:

- New DC Drive Panels to manage rolling stands G05-G22;
- Complete automation system, including tracking tool to control the cycle of material from rehating furnace up to packing & marking area, reports of production and interface with upper and IT levels, based on:
- Master PLCs;
- Services PLCs;
- Main desks;
- Local command stations;
- Auxiliary Drives panels to manage services of intermediate and finishing area;
- New SCADA HMI system in client-server configuration, including redundant server and integration of existing supervision & automation programs.
- PLC Safety System integrated with new equipments and prepared for the future total control of the plant.

The new automation system will be designed, manufactured and commissioned by AIC in only one step scheduled during the next plant shutdown, planned by the customer the next august 2011.

AIC is an Italian company focused on industrial automation systems with 35 years of experience in the steel market and references in more than 40 countries all over the world.
Acciaierie Venete is today a steel group with different productive plants dislocated in the North of Italy and produces 1.500.000 tons of steel every year, addressed to the automobile, mechanical, energy and construction industries.
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Duferdofin-Nucor group relies on AIC technical expertise and know how to complete the electrical revamping of finishing rolling mill of Beam mill in Pallanzeno (Verbania – Italy).
The job aims to design and complete a new automation & SCADA system in client-server configuration (including cold redundant server) as well as to upgrade the drives of rolling stands through new profibus cards ... more