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Didion International Inc.
7000 West Geneva Drive
63376 St. Peters, MO, USA
P.O. Box 177
63376 St. Peters, MO, USA

Telefon: +1 636 278-8700
Fax: +1 636 278-3155

Teilnehmer der ecoMetals Initiative Teilnehmer der ecoMetals Initiative

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DIDION International Inc.

DIDION will feature its new line of Rotary Foundry Equipment at booth 15G24 at GIFA 2015. Our Rotary Slag Separator / Metal Reclaimer will be highlighted. Customers worldwide report incredible savings with this equipment. The patented design crushes, cleans, separates, and screens to reclaim valuable metallics all in one step. These reclaimers can also lower your operating and maintenance costs up to 80%. Installation is easy, maintenance is minimal, and energy savings are excellent.

The Mark 5 Series Rotary Media Drum will also be featured. Customers worldwide have reported incredible savings with this equipment. The patented design combines Shakeout, Double Sand Screening, Casting Cleaning and Cooling with automatic degating for a payback in a few months. Lump Crusher / Sand Reclaimers, Sand Blending / Cooling Drums and Rotary Sprue Cleaners will also be included.

On the same stand Conveyor Dynamics Corporation will feature its line of Vibratory Foundry Equipment; Mold Dump Conveyors, Sand Screeners, Sorting Conveyors, and Indexing Furnace Charging Feeders with batch weighing, Shot Blast Feeders, Shakeouts, Slag Quenching Conveyors, and Casting Cooling Conveyors. The Dynamically Balanced and Isolated Design isolates vibration and lowers foundation and installation costs.