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5M Elektromekanik Iml.Ins.Tur.ve Dah.Tic.Ltd.Sti.
Dudullu OSB, DES San Sit. 102 Sogut Sk. A4 Blok N: 14
34776 Umranlye, Istanbul, Türkei

Telefon: +90 216 5278354
Fax: +90 216 5278524

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Anzahl der Beschäftigten50-99
Umsatz10-49 Mio US $
Exportanteilmax. 75%
  • Gießereianlagen, Projektierung, Bau, Engineering
  • Schmelzbetrieb
  • Gießmaschinen und Gießeinrichtungen

Since our Company has been established, we have been known quickly through importance of quality and determination to accomplish and 5M has never given up these principles.

Constant principles of our Company are always service of good quality, delivery on time and fair prices. Since 2002, 5M INDUCTION SYSTEMS has been delighted to share its knowledge and experiences with you dear customers.

Our Company having expert staff on production of induction Systems produces melting systems from 25 KW to 12.000 KW and furnace capacities from 50 KG to 35.000 KG 5M is operating now with above 500 foundries in 4 continents and in 29 countries. You can actualize your production such as copperbrass alloys, aluminum and its alloys, cast iron-ironsteel and similar, stainless steel materials, sensitive and investment casting materials, scrap, sawdust and etc#, with 5M induction Systems manufactured specially for your requirements in economical way.

Our products have certificates of CE and GOST-R. 5M equipments are designed with the aim of providing the most efficient and the safest system in current industry.

Quality Management System:

5M has been working with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and also has CE and GOST-R quality certificates to keep customer satisfaction. R & D Department and Technical Service: With our large spare parts and well equipped logistic department, we support you quickly 7 days 24 hours by analyzing your needs in the most suitable ways with our technical service staff consist of technical personnel and R & D engineers who are master of their branches and have high experience.

5M Furnace Restoration Department:

Your old model melting Systems still used, are rebuilt by 5M very well. Your usable transformers, cooling systems, hydraulic systems, furnace parts and power units belonging to old systems are used and adapted to the new 5M Systems. We provide you to pass higher furnace capacity according to your needs, and decrease your investment cost in a considerable amount.

Easy Maintenance and Operation:

5M induction systems are produced in modular structure for more efficiency operation. It takes small place in your Factory and service and maintenance is easy. It does not cause time and production losses. The best efficiency operation is aimed by 5M. We hope to meet you and helps depends of your project requirement.

Please do not hesitate and contact us by mail or fax. We are looking forward to hearing from you for your demands. You can contact us by fax, e.mail or telephone.