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Via Matteotti 117
24069 Trescore Balneario BG, Italien

Telefon: +39 035 941799
Fax: +39 035 941900

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Anzahl der Beschäftigten20-49
CEBA srl

Since over 30 years CEBA has specialized in engineering and manufacturing of furnaces and heating equipment for different kind of industries, i.e. steel mills, aluminium foundry, glasswool production plants and so on.
Thanks to cooperation with word's first class engineering and manufacturing companies, CEBA people are now trained to the highest design and construction standards.
Throughout the years CEBA has become a key supplier for design, manufacture, erection, and commissioning of new equipment, as well as maintenance and revamping of existing process facilities.
CEBA can also produce equipments starting from basic or detail engineering supplied by client with the required certifications.
CEBA main strenght is have skilled personnel in each department: engineering, carpentry, piping, assembly, hydraulics, electrical.
CEBA quality system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.